Friday, April 27, 2018

Mama, Come Back

Suzana Sjenicic

Two black eyes crying a river,
I don’t know whether you’re further or nearer.
Swelling of eyes, swelling of heart,
Favorite breakfast - your apple tart.

Cold bars, tall gate.
Is this a punishment, is it fate?
You’ve been away for a year and a day,
Come out mama, it’s almost May.
Stay with us for at least a day, 
Don’t you miss us mama?
Come out and play.

We’re your treasure,
You’re our vault;
Come out mama, it’s not your fault.
You don’t belong,
You’re not a needle in a sack of hay,
It’s been too long, mama,
Come out and play. 

Suzana Sjenicic is a psychotherapist in private practice, and in her free time, she enjoys writing. She published short fiction stories, one of which being a part of an anthology entitled CEA Greatest Anthology Written, which is in the running towards the Guinness’ World Record as an anthology with most short stories written by different authors. Along with fiction, she has published psychology-related articles in magazines and online publications.